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What makes our Talent Sourcing Division different from traditional recruitment?

We have subject matter experts!

No recruiter is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in every field. Consequently, candidates who don't have sufficient technical expertise get past recruiter screens. Our solution? Front Row Labs leverages our ecosystem by using our own SMEs, experts in numerous functional business areas, who vet each candidate's technical skills, knowledge, & abilities - recommending only those who are highly qualified and have demonstrated the required skills to succeed in their profession truly. Beyond that, we vet for cultural alignment to ensure a match between the existing workforce and the new hire, building the most capable, productive, and innovative team.


We have reinvented
the traditional recruitment model

We are offering a predictable, fast, repeatable process guaranteed to be both efficient and effective. Here’s a sneak peek at our process:

We capture your required qualifications and preferred qualifications.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) preview & prescreen potential candidates for both skills and a personality/cultural match. For those who meet your criteria, we share their video prescreen on your dashboard. Video prescreens are not generic video profiles, but rather a pre-screens specific to the open position within your company.

You view the video prescreen then launch our feedback tool to independently & efficiently share feedback in real-time.

Positive feedback results in a first interview being automatically scheduled via our scheduling app.

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Ready for a better Can-X (Candidate Experience)?

We know that you don't want to waste time interviewing for a role that doesn't align with your career objectives or isn't a cultural fit. We respect that you are evaluating prospective employers just like they are evaluating your skills, aptitude, and personality.
How do we make sure your needs are being met?


We use video to communicate efficiently and effectively so that we get a jump start on the placement process without you having to take time away from your current responsibilities.

We throw candidate pools out the window and instead follow a Rolling Interview methodology. You "roll" into each stage of the candidacy process without any other candidate impacting that timeline and slowing down your progress.

Did you know that the #1 reason relationships fail, including employee/employer relationships, is misaligned expectations? We set clear & concise expectations so that the process is predictable and reliable.

Finally, you deserve and have 24/7 access to real-time status updates during each stage of the placement process. You never have to wonder where you stand or when decisions are expected.

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Whether it’s comprehensive support or on-demand a-la-carte assistance you require, here’s just a few of the human resources virtual services available to you.


Employee handbooks.

New hire onboarding & orientation programs.

Compensation, health, & benefit programs.

Job Description creation & management.

Employee performance reviews.

Staff analysis, skill gap identification, & employee development.

Talent management, including employee rewards programs & retention strategies.

Anti-bullying, workplace violence, & harassment prevention awareness training.

Progressive discipline & conflict resolution.

Employment separation & exit interviews.

Corporate volunteer initiatives.

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Download a detailed presentation of our virtual services for more details

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