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We help innovators innovate and companies succeed. We’re revolutionizing the way businesses grow and thrive. We have three lines of business - a success catalyst program an innovation center and an alternative workspace - that help great ideas come to life

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Venture Catalyst

We have reinvented the incubator/accelerator model by adding the missing ingredient for success - a virtual executive team that works side-by-side with startups from strategy through execution to build a solid foundation for future success. We call it the “Virtual Venture Catalyst"

Corporate Innovation Center

Our innovation center provides an off-site creative space where corporations looking to generate new ideas can find inspiration. Designed to elicit energy and boost creativity, Front Row Labs offers a unique space away from the office where great innovations are hatched.

Alternative Workspace

As cities become more crowded and traffic continues to intensify, commuting from the suburbs to the city wastes valuable time that could be spent on productivity. Our alternative suburban workspace offers a luxurious and fully equipped satellite office.

Vibrant Ecosystem

We take an alternative approach to the co-working model, creating a modern space with high-end amenities and comforts that go far beyond the average office. With a gastro cafe with menus created by a world-class chef and special events that provide networking and learning opportunities.

Virtual C-Level services

We can fill the gaps that may exist in your business with seasoned professionals

Tier 1 on site partners

Whether you need legal advice, Intellectual Property filings, Accounting, Payroll, etc we will have it available

Access to Seed Funding

We will introduce you to Angel and Seed Funding Investors as well as to VC’s as your company grows.

Success Training

Once you’re accepted into the program we offer many courses of instruction to educate you in Pitch Deck Preparation, Go To Market Strategies, Value Creation, etc.

Technical Development

We have cost-effective teams to help in your software development needs.

Special Events

We have regularly scheduled speakers and social events to help provide exceptional networking and educational opportunities.


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